Type: competitions | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: 2019 | Status: competition | Client: NEPI PROJECT ONE

The contemporary shopping center is an inseparable part of the big city’s busy days and joyful events. The MALL is a shopping street, a place for entertaining and socializing, a cozy dining room and a cultural center. In this sense, the organization of common spaces and their visual impact are the main tools that make the different functional areas recognizable, comfortable and desirable.
How the common organization of a mall can create a sense of harmony, recognition of a particular space and at the same time attract visitors with opportunities for creative expression and entertainment:
- an emotional and comfortable place for meetings, walking and socializing
- cozy and comfortable environment for shopping, recreation and fun
- integration into the cultural and natural environment of the city - history, urban legends, landmarks
Provoked by the mall’s emblematic name and led by the desire to create a global architectural and social concept for all spaces, we came to the simple conclusion - SERDIKA IS MY SOFIA.
We believe that the dynamics, the variety of activities and functions in the mall make a clear reference to the spaces and organization of a big city. Our desire was to create a complete and interesting design for all common spaces, adding practical and emotional value to them through connection with landmarks in our capital.

Shopping centers are a place for communication and meetings, most often associated with longer or shorter waiting times. The burdensome expirience at the entrance, the long clafirications of where we are situated, could be avoided by logically and creatively transforming the environment:
The reception area of ​​Serdika Mall from “Popova Shapka” street could be a welcoming lobby, not just a transit sector that one wants to leave quickly. Through the means of design we transform the transition zone into a convenient and easily recognizable place for meetings, conversations and waiting. The distinctive vision clearly positions the visitor and gives a starting point, creates a specific emotional state of mind. The emblematic central part of Sofia, the national stadium and Borisova Garden are many people’s favorite places, which is why we have applied them as a main marker at the entrance of the building.
“I’m waiting for you at the stadium in Serdika... Don’t hurry! Drive carefully! <3

Inspired by the city and the most recognizable places in Sofia, we decided to replace the traditional type of unifying spaces with a simulation of destinctve urban онес by giving them additional functional value:
- spots for embeding a phone/tablet charging devices (tables, backrests, etc.)
- а combination of colors and materials to create coziness and good mood with desire for a longer stay
- different ergonomics - more comfort for relaxation and enjoyment
- clear recognition of each zone, respectively easier orientation within the large building
Two exemplary recreation areas have been developed to show how different but at the same time united by the common architectural idea they could be.

Led by the idea of ​​creating an analogy with the city in the Shopping center, we tried with simple means to transform the transit corridors to the toilets of the mall. Since the corridors are long enough and the history of Sofia is quite versatile and interesting, we decided that we could implement a fun and cultural experience for visitors. For example, we recreated a favorite urban legend for Sofia to illustrate the transformation of space. The proposal also includes a new white tempered glass cladding on the walls
of the corridors which will make them more durable and easy to maintain.

In conclusion, we would like to introduce to you our conceptual vision of the “rotundas”. Once again, we bet on the idea of a bit more interactive corridors, along with an interesting way of transportation - a slide!